Get to Know Us

From Humble Beginnings

Scribemates is a writing services firm founded by Ian Garcia in Cebu on August 2014.

Ian’s years of experience working for a European content writing firm and doing freelance writing gigs for North American and Oceania-based clients inspired him to eventually create his own writing company. 

Initially, it was a one-person crew, with Ian doing everything from building this website, finding clients, and writing and editing contents. As he secured the business of more clients, he eventually started hiring top-notch freelance writers. He has since migrated to Melbourne but continues to run this firm with the help of his family in Cebu.

Our Team

Our team today comprises of workers from the Philippines, India, and Nigeria. Our location, with much lower operations cost compared to our North American and European counterparts, is what allows us to offer a very competitive price while still delivering premium contents that would rival that of any Native English writer. 

Our writers all have extensive experience creating contents for foreign customers. We only hire the top 5% of the talents we find – those that possess both the skills and the attributes necessary to thrive in this line of work. 


Our mission is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing only original, high-quality, and well-researched contents.

Salinas Dr, Lahug, Cebu City

Philippines 6000